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AOZA's affiliation with Linneman Associates brings an extensive and unique network of active real estate operating partners to the AOZA platform. The team invests in traditional and QOZB real estate opportunities.


The AOZA team has a successful track record of working across multiple geographies and property types, and nurtures deals from acquisitions and developments to mature real estate portfolios.

AOZA operates as a long-term investor, navigating through changing real estate capital markets. This long-term hold strategy and preference for moderate leverage provides AOZA with the flexibility to harvest through cycles, while maintaining a disciplined approach to business plan execution.

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Through its operating partners, AOZA works to attain maximum value creation through hands-on asset management. This is attained through active engagement with the leasing markets, institutional-quality investor reporting, and financial oversight. Strong regional and national equity and debt relationships allow AOZA to achieve coveted deal sourcing and execution.

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